Are you prepared for the coming wave of technological disruption?



1Professional Education
Euphrates delivers custom education services to help you or your leadership team stay ahead of the coming wave of technological disruption. Our services include an overview of blockchain technology, its fundamental principles, current use-cases across various industries, adoption hurdles, and future opportunities. Services range from Blockchain 101 to advanced workshops.
2Business Case Analysis
Can blockchain technology provide value to your firm? By evaluating your organization and competitive environment from a holistic perspective, we can identify pain points and opportunities within your organization. We use our Inductive Reasoning Approach to explore blockchain solutions, enabling you to reduce costs, increase revenue, or provide new value to customers.
3Freelance Development
We have the development resources to create your custom blockchain-based solution from client side to backend. Our developers have experience with public and private frameworks, including Ethereum and Hyperledger.


1Startup Operations Management (COO)
When you're laser-focused on building and marketing your product, critical business processes can often get left by the wayside. We'll set up your startup's operations, handle your accounting, legal, and work with you to develop the mechanisms to ensure your business is running like a well-oiled machine.

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Leadership Team

Alec Shaw, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development


Davis Marklin, Co-Founder and CEO

Davis and Alec have experience in both business strategy and blockchain design. The two took over the Marquette University Blockchain Lab in May 2018 and turned it into a financially sustainable, student-run educational initiative. After hosting the first blockchain conference in the State of Wisconsin, the lab continues to host educational events with participation from multi-national companies. Davis and Alec have designed and built Proof-of-Concepts for global enterprises, educated executives on the impacts of blockchain technology, and designed the architecture of a blockchain-based identity platform. The team has been invited to speak at seminars with over 100 attendees and interviewed on podcasts such as The Blockchain Show.

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